About Us

Urban Mishmash is an art and cultural web media, run by expats, with the objective to deliver an authentic experience of living in Paris. Our articles focus on the beautiful things to do in Paris, the little details, that make the city unique. We emphasise heavily on getting away from the glitzy, touristy clichés of Paris being the city of light. We hope to offer a happier, ‘slower’ (although the word ‘slow’ has become a cliché in its own right) experience of the city. We recommend that you keep your eyes and minds open when you are here, look around, uncover your own discoveries.

We love to learn about modern, contemporary and ‘older’ art, and to find out more about French and other cultures. We, thus, write a lot about art exhibitions and cultural events taking place in Paris that we have loved, not loved or would love to see. You can find all our articles on art and culture in Paris here.

We continue to be old-fashioned and love exploring the French capital on our feet, finding the secret, unusual places to see and things to do. We are really passionate about graffiti and street art. Our Parisian trouvailles and other ‘weird’ photographs can be found on our Instagram account.

Finally, we are always interested in hearing stories from other expats who are doing something creative or meaningful. If you would like to contribute to our featured stories section, or if you know someone who would fit in here, consider getting in touch with us here.

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