[Exhibition spotlight] Fantin-Latour Retrospective at Musée du Luxembourg

This 19th-century French painter of floral still-lifes and group portraits of the French intelligentsia is the subject of a fantastic new exhibition at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris.

Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904) first exhibited his Hommage à Délacroix at the Salon of 1864. In an awkward, stilted composition, some of the most illustrious names of the time, including Whistler, Champfleury, Manet and Baudelaire, along with Fantin himself, are seated or standing around a portrait of the deceased artist, Eugène Delacroix. Striking for the stark contrast between the artist’s white shirt and the deeply sombre clothing of the others, the painting would be one of the first amongst many other group portraits that the French painter would produce in his lifetime.

Born in Grenoble, Henri Fantin-Latour learnt how to draw from his father and in 1850, joined the studio of Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran. Fantin spent long hours copying the works at Musée du Louvre, which led to some of his first assignments as a copyist. He is best known and remembered for his group portraits and still life paintings of delicately arranged flowers.

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Henri Fantin-Latour, A fleur de peau, Exhibition at Musee du Luxembourg, Paris | Urban Mishmash
Henri Fantin-Latour, La Lecture (1877). Courtesy Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon
© Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon / Photo Alain

Musée du Luxembourg

19 Rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris

[Exhibition spotlight] Fantin-Latour Retrospective at Musée du Luxembourg
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