Chiharu Shiota, Destination, 2017. Installation, Free Exhibition in Paris | Urban Mishmash
Exhibition view, Chiharu Shiota, “Destination”, 2017 at Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris and Bruxelles. © Chiharu Shiota. Photo: B.Huet-Tutti.

“Chiharu Shiota: Destination” at Galerie Daniel Templon – until July 22, 2017

Berlin-based Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota is best-known for her monumental and complex site-specific installations that wrap up entire rooms in massive webs of yarn that envelop everyday objects such as boats, keys, dresses, doors and even hospital beds. Shiota is currently exhibiting her installation Destination (2017) as part of her solo show at Galerie Daniel Templon in Le Marais, Paris. A poetic allusion to life as a journey, this monumental installation comprises of a boat seemingly afloat in a sea of red yarn that envelops the entire exhibition space. This stunning work and a series of other installation pieces and canvases by Chiharu Shiota are on view at the two exhibition spaces of the gallery.

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