La Maison Rouge, a private non-profit foundation based in Paris to promote contemporary art, recently opened an exhibition titled The French Spirit: Countercultures 1969-1989. The exhibition that runs through May 21, 2017, is an exploration of significant countercultures and new social movements that emerged over the course of two decades in the immediate aftermath of May 1968 protests and the diverse ways in which they shaped contemporary French politics, culture and society.

The French Spirit: CounterCultures 1969-1989 | Exhibitions in Paris 2017 | Best Things to Do | Urban Mishmash
Raymonde Arcier, Au Nom du père, 1977 © Raymonde Arcier. Exhibition view The French Spirit: Countercultures 1969-1989. Photo © Urban Mishmash, Prashansa Poddar

The exhibition curators Guillaume Désanges and François Piron attempt to question the ideas of freedom and liberty, the two notions quintessentially linked to France: “Here’s an idea: what if France’s ‘beloved liberty’ didn’t actually exist, wasn’t even a dot on the horizon; what if it were just a hypothesis to be experienced in the present tense, a hypothesis whose boundaries need to be pushed at all times.

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La Maison Rouge

Fondation Antoine de Galbert, 10 boulevard de la Bastille

The French Spirit: Countercultures 1969-1989: Exhibition at La Maison Rouge
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