Projections: Exhibition at Le Shakirail, Paris | Urban Mishmash
Exhibition view. Works by Allison Blumenthal at Projections.

Landscapes have long been the subject of artistic interrogation and interpretation. Maps, albeit functional tools for navigation through landscapes, deeply affect the way humans interact with and experience the natural spaces they represent. More than being simple guides, they are often an invitation to set upon a journey, real or imaginary.

Projections, a quaint little exhibition at Le Shakirail – an artists’ residency situated at Rue Riquet, Paris – explores the blurry lines between artistic and cartographic representations of landscapes and how they are tinted by individual perceptions, memories and imagination. Curator Pauline Lisowski presents eight works by five artists: Yann Bagot, Juliette Vivier, Danièle Gibrat, Olivier Moriette and Allison Blumenthal. The small size of the exhibition encourages the viewer to spend time and project themselves in the real and imaginary places represented in these works.

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Projections: Exhibition at Le Shakirail, Paris | Urban Mishmash
Danièle Gibrat’s work at Projections
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