Le Bal’s latest exhibition Provoke – Between Protest and Performance examines the cult-photo magazine and Japanese photography of the 60s and 70s.

Japanese photo magazine Provoke appeared for just three issues between November 1968 and August 1969. This short-lived, experimental magazine was founded by a progressive set of photographers and writers Koji Taki, Takuma Nakahira, Takahiko Okada and Yutaka Takanashi, with the underlying idea of putting forward “provocative materials for thought” through photography.

Provoke: Between Protest and Performance - Exhibition - Le Bal Paris | Urban Mishmash
Provoke 3, cover, 1969.
Credit: © Nakahira Takuma/ Moriyama Daido/Okada Takahiko/Takanashi Yutaka/Taki Kōji. Private collection

Provoke: Between Protest and Performance

In the preface to the first edition of Provoke, the founders declare, “Today, at this very moment, language is losing its material basis—in other words, its reality—and floating in space. We as photographers must capture with our own eyes fragments of reality that can no longer be grasped through existing language, and must actively put forth materials that address language and ideas. This is why we have been so bold as to give Provoke the subtitle Provocative Materials for Thought.



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