The ‘real’ Paris that we love!

Going beyond the clichés, French filmmakers Max & Léo show the real side of Paris with all its diversity that we love!

A few weeks ago, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo shared a promotional video “Paris, je t’aime” on her Facebook page. The video that has since received more than 19,000 hits, quickly came under criticism for selling a highly cliched image of Paris, showing nothing more than the Eiffel tower, Champs Elysées, the concert halls and other tourist hotspots of the French capital.

Late last week, French film makers Max & Léo released a video “PARIS ON T’AIME AUSSI” (Paris we love you too) as their response to the official video. Expressing their sadness, the filmmakers wrote: “We love our city and its residents… In our video, we don’t see the actors, just the real Parisians crossing the street, in the shops and all the places that make our capital magical.”

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The ‘real’ Paris that we love!
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