Founded in 1872, Julien Aurouze & Co. specialises in pest control. Located on Rue de Halles in the 1eme arrondissement of Paris, the shop front features dead rats hanging from hooks, taxidermied rats, and generally all-things-rat-and-dead, making it absolutely clear that their prime speciality lies in killing rats.

This unusual shop, and it’s even more unusual display and advertising skills, is still in business today. A little bit of trivia: Aurouze’ shop window made a brief appearance in the movie, Ratatouille as a warning to Remy by his dad to stay away from humans.

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Shop Window, Julien Auroze & Co., Paris | Urban Mishmash
Shop Window, Julien Auroze & Co., Paris | Urban Mishmash

If not looking to kill rats or to look at dead rats, go to this shop for all your pest control needs. If dead rats interest you, stop by this shop located in an interesting area in the middle of Rue de Rivoli and the Forum des Halles.


Where: Julien Aurouze & Co., 8 rue des Halles, 75001 Paris
Timings: 9 am to 12:30 pm and 2pm to 6:30 pm (Closed Sundays)
More information: Julien Aurouze & Co.’s website (in French)

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