Ruben Molina’s “Nuit Flamenco” at Café de la Danse

November 26 and December 17, 2017
At Café de la Danse, Paris

Ruben Molina, born in Córdoba and based in Paris since 2013, will present his latest creation Nuit Flamenco at the Café de la Danse, Paris. Two years after the flamenco dancer and choreographer moved to Paris, he presented his piece Suspiro at the Theatre du Marais.

His latest piece for Café de la Danse is a homage to flamenco masters Franco Zefirelli, José Granero and Rafael Aguilar, with whom Ruben has “had the privilege of working all these years”.

Ruben Molina, Nuit Flamenco, Cafe de la Danse, Paris | Urban Mishmash
Ruben Molina, Nuit Flamenco, Cafe de la Danse, Paris

About Flamenco Nuit, Molina says, “I wish to present what I call the third stage of my life, a way of learning dance once again with a new and different angle to open my art to the largest possible numbers.”


Cafe de la Danse

5 Passage Louis Philippe
75011 Paris

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