Paris Pride Parade 2017 / Marche des Fiertés 2017: Route, Timings, Things to Know, Pictures
Paris Pride Parade / Marche des Fiertés 2016 in pictures. © Prashansa Poddar/Urban Mishmash

The annual Paris Pride Parade (or the “Marche des Fiertés”) will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Hundreds of thousands will gather in the streets of Paris to celebrate and march in support of the gay, trans, bi, queer and non-binary communities. The Parade is inevitably a joyous, fun-filled and colourful event with music, dancing, elaborate floats, creative drag and rainbow flags taking over the usually sombre historical parts of Paris.

This year’s Pride also celebrates its 40th anniversary, having grown from 400 persons who participated in the first ever independent march of homosexuals in France on June 25, 1977 to 600,000 persons from all walks of life who joined in last year’s Pride to celebrate love, equality and humanity.

Paris Pride Parade / Marche des Fiertés 2016: In pictures

2017 Paris Pride Parade / Marche des Fiertés: Route, Timings, Things to know

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