Making their debut with a staged wedding at a Berlin exhibition in 1991, Eva & Adele have today become one of the most ubiquitous couple on the international art gallery and museum circuit. Their ‘invented gender’ and hermaphrodite identity has played a defining role in their life and work, and they see themselves as a ‘living work of art’. With an eccentric, colourful and otherworldly show, “EVA & ADELE: You are my biggest inspiration“, Museum of Modern Art, Paris lets us become a part of a unique, ritualistic performance that is their life.

Eva & Adele | Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, MAM, Paris | Urban Mishmash
Polaroid Diary, 02.03.2003, Paris. © VG Bildkunst Bonn / EVA & ADELE, courtesy: Nicole Gnesa Gallery, Munich.

Attesting to the ritualistic rigour that the couple follows, there is a wall covered in polaroid self-portraits of the couple – heads shaved, identically dressed, heavily made up – painstakingly taken on a daily basis over the years. In a room, seven surrealistic video installations from their series, Hellas, play simultaneously tracing their first artistic collaboration as a hermaphrodite couple and subsequent shifts towards a more closely-shared gender identity.

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Musée d'art moderne

11 avenue du Président Wilson
75016 Paris

EVA & ADELE at Museum of Modern Art
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