Just in case you get tired of the sun playing hide-and-seek in the sky, here is our selection of exhibitions we loved the most this month in Paris.

1. “Unleashed: Roger Ballen and Hans Lemmen at Musée de la chasse et de la nature – until June 4, 2017

Roger Ballen and Hans Lemmen Unleashed Exhibition in Paris | Urban Mishmash | Art and Culture in Paris
Roger Ballen and Hans Lemmen, Rip, 2016. © Roger Ballen and Hans Lemmen. Private Collection

Musée de la Chasse et de la nature’s new exhibition Unleashed is the result of a long distance artistic collaboration between internationally renowned photographer Roger Ballen based in South Africa and sculptor-illustrator Hans Lemmen based in Netherlands. The two artists reinterpret and reconstruct each other’s work, in a manner similar to the surrealist cadavre exquis practice, with Ballen exploring the subconscious animalist tendencies in us, and Lemmen’s reminiscing of the primitive times when humans and animals lived in harmony. Details

2. “The French Spirit: Countercultures 1969-1989” at La Maison Rouge – until May 21, 2017

The French Spirit: CounterCultures 1969-1989 | Exhibitions in Paris 2017 | Best Things to Do | Urban Mishmash
Coopérative des Malassis, détail de Qui tue ? ou lʼaffaire Gabrielle Russier,
sous-titré « Lʼhistoire vraie dʼune jeune femme, de son histoire dʼamour, de sa mort »,
1970 © Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dole / Photo : Claude-Henri Bernardot
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